The Video

After two kids and a long wait, Mrs. C is ready for me to go under the knife. I'm gonna get the Big V. Finally, we will be able to fuck sans sheath once again. Oh how I'm looking forward to this.

See, I love making love to my wife and part of that is I get to do one of my favorite things... eat her out. What does a vasectomy and cunninglingus have in common? Well, during my play (it's not work, after all) I like to pause now and then and slide into her a few times and then get back to play. I will do this again and again, extending the whole experience. Having a vasectomy means that I won't have to worry if I get a little too excited (very easy to do) and come while I'm inside her. It means I'll be able to let go without worry and then go right back to playing. So, that's one benefit that might not be too obvious. The others are, I think.

Now what does this have to do with The Video, you ask? Before I can do the deed (or even set up an appointment to get the ball rolling, we have to watch this fucking video first - though I'm sure there's no fucking involved, dangit! So now we've got to find a time when someone can watch the kids while we go galavanting off on our date to see The Video. Once the viewing is over, I can make the appointment and finally get fixed.

Once that's done, I still have to wait until I've orgasmed (is that a word?) 20 times and then been tested to verify that I'm not producing any baby makers before we can fuck bareback without worry. I hate waiting. So I plan on coming as often as possible after the operation as I can manage - even solo if need be (and probably more often that way than others).

And that's where the experiment comes in. More on that later.


Well, I'm Back...

So, I find myself back here after all. Why? Glad you asked. I want to try an experiment and keep a journal of sorts as the experiment progresses. Be cause of the nature of the experiment, I don't really want to write it down in a notebook... not enough anonymity.

So what is this experiment, you ask? Ah well, I'll mention what it is after setting the scene a bit first. For now, I just wanted to set up a new piece of software I'm using to keep this log (Journler) and make sure I could post seamlessly to this blog.

I'll set the scene in a day or two.



I'm outa here!

Who am I kidding? I don't have the time or the drive to maintain a blog. It's just one more distraction and a source of anxiety. I don't need any more should's in my life.



Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Had a pretty good weekend, though it rained a lot. We need the rain though and it'll help soften the ground, making it easier to pull up this ivy-like stuff I want to get rid of in the yard.

We were supposed to wash windows on Saturday, but with the rain it's difficult to manage Thing 1 and Thing 2 inside someone else's home while you're trying to wash the windows. Mrs C. would be the one stuck with the managing part, though. I get to do the outsides and the ladder work. I don't mind working in the rain, as long as it isn't too cold. Also, Mrs C needed to leave for a bit with Thing 2 right in the middle of the job, so it was best that we rescheduled.

So we stayed home and cleaned the house instead. Or rather, I should say we started cleaning the house. Mrs C and I are both slobs of a sort. I'm much more so than she. Anyway, we have a guest room that inevitably ends up as a storage room where every flat surface ends up getting covered with piles of stuff. I started work there. We're out of checks and I know there's a box of them in that room somewhere. Still haven't found them. But, we can see half the floor now.

I also started moving my shirts into that closet (the shirts that hang up). It's much easier for me to grab a shirt in the morning than it is to try and remember to pick one out before I go to sleep. Since I get up long before everyone else, sneaking back into the bedroom to find a shirt I can't see isn't always a good idea. This doesn't help with anything that lives in my dresser, but it's a start.

Sunday I went to my normal side job... running the sound for a church. Nothing exciting to report there, but next week is Easter with a 5 AM call. Still, it won't be a chore. I'll have more inputs to manage but that makes it more fun. I'm not looking forward to having trumpets, though. We're not in a large venue and they could easily overpower all the other music. I'm not sure what we're going to do about that, yet. It's just like the tambourine we had this week. I didn't have a mic for it at all and it still cut though and sounded as if it was mic'ed.

Later we had Ultimate practice. This was the first practice of the year with rain so we arranged a sitter for Thing 1 and Thing 2. Good thing, too... it rained lots and was nice and windy. Last year, we brought the boys with us all the time. They don't mind the rain much as long as they are warm. But it certainly is easier on everybody if a sitter is available. When the weather is nice though, they always come along.

Luckily Mrs C has been earning a little extra watching other's kids and we've just put that into a "sitter pot" and now we have this disposable income we can use just for this purpose. It's been great! We've been able to go on dates and now practice with no kids and not have to worry about spending too much.

Enough for now... gotta get working (been here for 30 minutes now and all I have to show for it is this ;)


Here goes...

After reading Tony's "How to Blog" found through the Bloggies *and* reading Eden's invitation for material from "frustrated writers" (and I am one, though not in the usual sense... I'm frustrated because I can't write, as will be painfully obvious as time goes on), I thought I'd once again try my hand at keeping a blog.

So anyway, I thought I'd follow Tony's advice about writing every day, even if it's just drivel about what you ate. So, buckle your seat belts folks, here I go. Maybe I'll become a better writer out of this. Maybe I'll get to know myself better, thereby improving my quality of life. At the very least, I'll hopefully have fun [trying to] talking about the things that interest me.

I won't promise to blog everyday. That's just begging for failure. I especially won't be blogging on the weekends because my wife thinks the blogoshpere (and much of the internet) is a huge waste of time. And I have a hard time refuting that. I always get sucked into wasting huge amounts of time reading other people's blogs. So much so that I am working hard not to visit any but a select few. I have two awesome boys and I want to make sure I don't miss out on their childhood.

In my last attempt at blogging, I did an OK job. I posted fairly regularly and I thought it was kind of interesting. But that was just the problem... I was trying to be interesting so other people would read my blog and my stats would go up and I'd become an internet sensation. HA! This time around, I'm doing this only for me. I'll write about what's going on for me and what I'm thinking about. Sure, I'll write it in such a way that if anyone does find it interesting, it'll be easy to read (I hope), but ultimately, it's just for me. If you get anything out of it, I'm glad. If you don't, then you'd be better off spending your time elsewhere.


PS - someone's gotta be telling me something when the two songs I'm listening to as I write this are Highway To Hell and Road To Hell - and it's on Party Shuffle (honest)

PPS - I didn't write all this in that short amount of time. It takes me ages to get my thoughts down in a coherent way. Thank God for computers. I create my entries in MacJournal (the free version, v2.6) which allows me to write as I think and then I can move things around and edit. And finally I can post what i've written, not having to worry about losing my carefully constructed post to some whim of the ether. And it makes a handy archive tool, too!

Oh, and I can post directly to my Blogger account, too! Alas, not from behind my company firewall... D'oh!